PHYS 2025:

General Physics Lab II

I served as a TA for the PHYS 2025 course at the University of Utah for 3 semesters (during 2019-2021). This lab course was unique in the sense that students were given a physical principle to investigate (i.e. fluid dynamics, circuits, and fluorescence) along with their equipment but were tasked with designing their own experiment beginning with their guiding question they hoped to answer. This provided me with the opportunity to help students understand the process of scientific experimentation/discovery rather than guide them through a list of steps need to complete the experiment. As the TA, I was responsible for instructing the class on the physics they would be investigating, grading assignments, and guiding the students through technical and theoretical experimental issues that would arise. 

Contact Me: emailname@utah.edu where "emailname" is "hannah.christian"